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Can I Buy An Extended Warranty After Purchase

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Buying a new or used car involves lots of decisions. What color do you want How will you finance your purchase Should you buy an extended warranty An extended warranty can give you peace of mind after buying a new or used car, but these agreements have their limits and aren't always worth the cost. Learn how extended warranties work, when you may want one and other ways to cover the cost of car repairs.

You can buy extended warranties from auto dealers, vehicle manufacturers and independent companies. Dealers often suggest purchasing an extended warranty when you buy a car, but you can buy one at any time.

The cost of extended warranties varies depending on coverage, warranty length, the vehicle's predicted reliability and other factors. Warranty companies aren't regulated the way insurance companies are, so there are no restrictions on what they can charge. A recent survey reports the median price of an extended warranty was $2,458, but prices ranged from $1,615 to $3,208.

It's generally best not to buy an extended warranty at the time you buy a car, since you won't use it for several years. Wait until the manufacturer's warranty is nearing expiration or the deadline to purchase coverage is approaching.

Similar to an extended warranty, car repair insurance covers mechanical breakdowns and repairs that car insurance doesn't pay for. Car repair insurance is usually limited to newer cars, so it's not an option for everyone. However, it generally costs less than an extended warranty.

Rather than purchase an extended warranty, your money might be better spent paying a bit more for a car whose predicted reliability is better than average. (Consumer Reports and J.D. Power are good sources of reliability data.) Then follow manufacturer recommendations for regular maintenance to keep your car in good shape.

You can also purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle which ensures coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. Manufacturers offer in-house extended warranty programs but in most cases, the extended warranty needs to be purchased before the factory warranty ends. But what if you want to buy an extended warranty after the fact Here's a guide to help you choose the best protection for your vehicle after your factory warranty expires.

The average cost of an extended warranty can range between $1,600 to $4,500. There are also deductible charges per visit that usually can go as high as $100. Certain brands do offer Zero-deductible plans but the most important point is that quoted prices aren't final, there's always room for negotiation so research and refer to different agencies/providers to get the best possible deal.

Yes, you can always purchase an extended warranty after your manufacturer's warranty ends. Though most modern automakers have a clause that requires car owners to enroll in an extended warranty program before the manufacturer's warranty program ends.

If you insist on having an extended warranty from the manufacturer, we suggest enrolling for one right before the end of your factory warranty coverage to ensure that there isn't a gap in your coverage. You can always buy an extended warranty when you purchase the vehicle but this means you'll end up paying interest on a warranty that you won't be able to claim in the near future. However, if it is a bundled deal that allows for extra savings, then go for it.

However, if you want to have the option of opting for an extended warranty at any point, then a third-party extended warranty is the way to go. Most companies will offer you coverage at any point in your ownership and even provide extended warranties on a used car, as long as your vehicle lies within the guidelines of the company. One of the best options is CarShield.

CarShield is one of the top warranty providers in the industry that offers some of the most affordable packages and most importantly covers all vehicles with less than 300,000 miles on the odometer which is a huge plus for anyone w


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