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Atoll Rf Planning Tool Cracked VERIFIED


Atoll Rf Planning Tool Cracked

The Atoll planning software platform consists of four modules, 2G network planning, 3G network planning, small cell planning and radio propagation modelling. These are integrated using the Atoll Core platform for the planning process, and can integrate networks from all ATOMC layers, covering smaller cells and millimeter wave.

The Atoll planning tool allows for the co-ordination of best-practice techniques to optimize the performance of multi-technology networks. It provides the tools to identify hotspots, create coverage maps, monitor the performance of network cells and their links.

Analysing the impact of different technologies on the network performance, the Atoll tool can be used to automate the cell planning process, allowing the operator to split the network in to different cells and site them with the best sites to optimise the performance.

Planning in the 5G era is an exciting place. It requires new tools to face the enormous challenges that new millimeter-wave technologies will bring and allow the market to adapt quickly to new business models. Atoll takes the guesswork out of bringing a new network to life. Atolls tech integration gives its users the ability to increase flexibility and decrease time-to-market by providing a comprehensive solution that includes technical layers, multi-technology modelling and self-optimization.

With this all-encompassing tool, operators can make more accurate decisions with a smarter and more cost-effective infrastructure. Atolls toolset is suitable for any operator from the smallest WiFi network to the largest macro network and the latest 5G networks. 3d9ccd7d82


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