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Handbook Of Competence And Motivation

Handbook Of Competence And Motivation -

Handbook Of Competence And Motivation

Eric M. Anderman is Professor of Educational Psychology and of Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement. He received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from The University of Michigan, and he holds a Masters degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Tufts University. His research over the past 25 years has focused on academic motivation. He is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. He is the editor of the journal Theory into Practice, and he recently co-edited the 3rd edition of the Handbook of Educational Psychology with Lyn Corno, and the Visible Learning Guide to Student Achievement with John Hattie. He is the co-author of three text books, as well as over 100 peer-reviewed articles and invited chapters. His research has been featured in numerous media outlets, including CBS News, NBC News (Dateline NBC), CNN, NPR, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, and numerous other outlets. His research has been funded by a variety of agencies, including the Institute of Education Sciences, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Institutes of Health.

Now completely revised (over 90% new), this handbook established the concept of competence as an organizing framework for the field of achievement motivation. With an increased focus on connecting theory to application, the second edition incorporates diverse perspectives on why and how individuals are motivated to work toward competence in school, work, sports, and other settings. 59ce067264


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