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Wendy Carlos, A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Full Album Zip

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The resulting album was released by CBS Records in late 1968 under the title Switched-On Bach. It quickly captured the public imagination, becoming one of the highest-selling classical music recordings ever released up to that time and earning Carlos three Grammy awards. The success of Switched-On Bach led to three more successful albums of electronically realized Baroque music by Carlos, as well as the acclaimed electronic soundtrack music for the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, which featured original music by Carlos along with several Moog versions of classical pieces by Beethoven and Rossini. Still, in 1968 Keith Emerson purchased the second Moog modular system in the UK after hearing Switched-On Bach. Having problems with its assembly and tuning, he met and collaborated with Dr. Moog to helping to develop even more stable oscillators and many new features for live and studio performance. This led the way to full commercial production of many types of synthesizers in the next decade and brought new rival manufacturers to the market. 153554b96e


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