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Retire Rich Invest Rs 40 A Day Pdf Free Download

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Such alarming statistics, I am sure, are not purely an Indian thing. World over, planning and investing for retirement in a disciplined fashion is not the norm. However, western countries have a healthy social security net that would keep people out of really bad situations, and many such countries would have state-sponsored health coverage that would take care of the inevitable big bills in old age.

India has neither, at least not in a manner that will cater to a middle-class life-style and care aspirations here. Hence, planning, saving, and investing for retirement becomes a must-do activity during the earning years of an individual in India.

Retire Rich Invest: Rs. 40 a Day is a smart and thought-provoking book about retirement planning, savings and investment, authored by P. V. Subramanyam.Summary of the BookRetire Rich Invest: Rs. 40 a Day is a clever book, which avows and explains how small changes in lifestyle on a day to day basis could bring about surprisingly considerable results in a long run. If you are skeptical about the idea of saving Rs. 40 per day as not so adequate for a person to retire early with a handsome amount of savings, then this book might just be the right push to roll your sleeves up and opt for this plan. The book also discusses how important planning the financial matters in life is. Setting goals and deadlines and meeting them religiously also helps in a happy retirement. The book also details on Annuity and withdrawal stages. Retirement savings and investing in several instruments are also discussed. Few of the chapters in the book attempt to answer what type of insurances must be chosen and how much financial commitment one must have towards them.

This is the exact line that got us interested in this book. PV Subramanium explains how starting investing early works magically if you want to retire rich. He explains how just by investing Rs. 40 a day one can retire at 60 with investments worth Rs. 13.5 crore.

How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps cover the top 10 areas of your financial life which can be improved. These include life insurance, health insurance, estate planning, goal planning, debt repayment, retirement planning, creating emergency funds, investment planning among various others. This is another must-read if one wants to get overall control of their financial life. 1e1e36bf2d


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