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I Want To Buy A Motorhome


The driving experiences for motorhomes versus trailers are vastly different. When driving in a motorhome, passengers have access to the bathroom, kitchen, beds, couch, and everything else in the RV, all without having to exit the vehicle.

Many find that towing a vehicle is easier than driving a large motorhome, but driving preferences will obviously differ depending on who you ask. The experience of driving a fifth wheel versus driving a travel trailer is vastly different. Fifth wheels are typically more easily maneuvered and tend not to sway, whereas travel trailers can be prone to sway at high speeds and/or on windy days. Sway bars make a big difference, but this is still something to be considered when choosing your rig.

There is also a large difference between driving a small class B or C motorhome and driving a class A. Driving a smaller motorhome can often feel like driving a small SUV, whereas driving a large class A can feel like driving a semi-truck. Wind is especially troublesome in a large class A, while it may not be as big of a challenge in a class B or C. When you add in the possibility of towing a vehicle behind the motorhome, this adds a new set of challenges to the picture. Some people do actually prefer driving the motorhome versus towing a trailer, but again, this will be different for each individual.

However, boondocking experiences are different in different rigs. For instance, larger rigs tend to have larger tanks. Some fifth wheels have huge tanks, and some class A motorhome have large tanks too. Smaller motorhomes and smaller trailers will also have smaller holding tanks. This issue tends to be less of a motorhome versus trailer issue and more of a big rig versus small rig issue.

If you plan to RV travel with children (full-time or part-time), many tend to prefer travel trailers and fifth wheels. With a trailer, when traveling from one place to another, each person has their own seat and seatbelt. This is often preferable, especially for families with children still in carseats. Motorhomes are often equipped with seatbelts in the dinette and/or couch, but it is still (arguably) safer to have an actual seat in a truck, versus a seat on a couch or at a table. However, if you do choose a motorhome with children, there are some major travel day conveniences. You can easily grab snacks from the fridge, and potty breaks are also much easier and less time-consuming.

Pets travel differently in motorhomes versus travel trailers. When towing an RV, it is not safe for anyone to ride in the trailer, so pets must ride in the truck. Cats and other small mammals will most likely need to be kenneled, and anxious dogs may need to be kenneled as well.

When driving a motorhome, anxious animals may also need to be kenneled. However, once all animals are accustomed to the moving motorhome, they are typically much more comfortable and can move around the cabin while en route. They can also have access to food and water, comfy places to lie down, and even their litter box (for the cats). Make sure to read our tips for RVing with dogs, RVing with cats, and our best RV pet hacks.

Setting up camp is different for each type of RV. In a motorhome, you must level the vehicle, hook up the water, sewer, and electric, and open the slides. If you have a tow vehicle, you must unhitch it and park it elsewhere. When towing a trailer, you must park the trailer first (which is arguably more difficult than parking a motorhome) and then unhitch the tow bar and safety chains before also leveling, hooking up utilities, and opening any slides.

One benefit of having a towable RV is that you can set up camp, then drive your vehicle around. Being able to leave the trailer behind and cruise around town without breaking camp is very convenient and perfect for stays that are longer than a few days. However, if you have a motorhome and tow a separate vehicle, it is also easy to set up camp and drive around town in a smaller vehicle. And the vehic


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