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from up on poppy hill (ost) (, kokurikozaka kara saundotorakku) was released by tokuma japan communications on july 13, 2011. the soundtrack of from up on poppy hill was composed by satoshi takebe. in december 2010, it was announced that singer aoi teshima would sing the film's theme song, summer of farewells from up on poppy hill (, sayonara no natsu kokuriko-zaka kara).

the first of the pieces, toki wa izu e no migoku boshi (, the song of the sky of izu), was composed and performed by the band shoko hijikata, while the theme song for the film, summer of farewells from up on poppy hill (, sayonara no natsu kokuriko-zaka kara) was sung by singer aoi teshima.

sword art online may be a slice of life show, but what is a slice of life if it lacks the fantasy element after all, this is a show by studio ghibli. the original 'spirited away' was somewhat interesting, but many people are quick to call the fantasy elements limited to the witches house. sure some of the characters got their own stuff going on as well, but they always faded in relevance, and it seems like they could've done more with the actual magic elements. from the glimpses we saw in the single episode synopsis of the original sword art online, this looks like the spirited away of the anime world. and it is a very appropriate title, as some of the more fantastical elements are included. as i have not seen the film yet, i can't really comment, but the look of the movie is wonderful, and it looks like goro has made it look so fantastic as to compensate for some of the less than great story aspects. 3d9ccd7d82


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