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P2P Forever And Ever! !!BETTER!!

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p2P LIVE events are coordinated and sponsored by local Ambassadors and hosts, and the training is done by a member of the FOREVER pixels2Pages team. Space is generally limited. If you are interested in attending or hosting a p2P LIVE event near you, send an email to

Note: The FOREVER pixels2Pages Team develops two sets of training every year. If you attend multiple events, you may end up receiving the same training. Hosts select which training modules will be offered at each p2P LIVE! event.

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Hi, has anyone ever implimented multipoint DMVPN as primary via ISP and then utilized a P2P connection as a secondary/backup. I am trying to understand how failover works should work with this type of Primary and Backup configuration. I guess what I am confused is that with DMVPN, there is a tunnel 0 that is tied to a tunnel source. How can it failover to the secondary P2P connection (which is a wifi bridge) Is IPSLA required Configuration example below. Thanks for any assistance

version 15.2service tcp-keepalives-inservice tcp-keepalives-outservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!security authentication failure rate 10 loglogging buffered 65536no logging consoleno logging monitor!aaa new-model!!!!!!!aaa session-id commonclock timezone EST -5 0clock summer-time EDT recurring!ip cef!!!ip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool vendor network default-router dns-server lease 4!ip dhcp pool LAN network default-router dns-server domain-name option 43 hex f108.0a80.0045.0a81.0043!!!no ip bootp serverno ip domain lookupip domain name inspect log drop-pktip inspect tcp reassembly queue length 128ip inspect tcp reassembly timeout 15ip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out dnsip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out ftpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out httpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out httpsip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out tftpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out icmpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out sipip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out sip-tlsip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out h323ip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out pptpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out tcpip inspect name g0/0-inspect-out udpno ipv6 cef!parameter-map type inspect global log dropped-packets enable max-incomplete low 18000 max-incomplete high 20000 spoofed-acker offmultilink bundle-name authenticated!!!crypto pki trustpoint local enrollment selfsigned serial-number revocation-check crl!crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-1281072392 enrollment selfsigned subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-1281072392 revocation-check none rsakeypair TP-self-signed-1281072392!redundancy!!!!!ip ssh version 2!track 1 ip sla 1 reachability delay down 45!track 2 ip sla 1 reachability delay down 45!track 11 ip sla 1 default-state up!class-map match-any VoiceSignaling match protocol sip match protocol h323 match protocol rtcpclass-map match-all RTP match protocol rtp!policy-map QOS class VoiceSignaling set dscp af41policy-map QoS class RTP priority percent 5 set dscp ef class VoiceSignaling bandwidth percent 2 set dscp cs3 class class-default set ip precedence 0 fair-queuepolicy-map SHAPE_16M class class-default shape average 16000000 service-policy QoS!!!crypto isakmp policy 10 hash md5 authentication pre-sharecrypto isakmp key lefrakdmvpn address isakmp keepalive 10 3 p


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