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Hoyer Guitar Serial Numbers Fix

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Hoyer Guitar Serial Numbers Fix

My German-English dictionary does not have "Zargen" in it. But I like the ofhaving a guitar with Zargen, whatever it is. About the serial numbers, Hoyerapparently didn't even use them until the 70s. As for model number, the bookindicates that from 1972-1976 anything "20XX" means 6-string flattop. So oddsare your guitar is from that period.

Wow, nice hoyer thereshould be built around 1965 i guessI live in germany and have a decent collection of hoyer guitars, from the 1960ies to 1987they all were hand built in germany by skilled luthiers as Helmut Lemme said. the wood used was best choice and beginning in ca. 1983 you could custom order special guitars later to be delivered to your local shop. i personally own at least 2 of these typ of guitars.

Hello, I have a couple of Guitars that i wanted to know what years they are from and other information regarding these guitars. The Hoyer is a Solid body all original electric guitar with serial number 23041. And the other is a Höfner 176 with serial number 176 964 I have pictures but i am not sure how to attach them in this

I have a Hoyer acoustic serial # 01572, bought in the late 60's or early 70's. The finish in the back has peeled quite a bit (wood looks fine) and was wondering how I should go about getting the guitar restored and tuned up. Also, any idea what the quality of this guitar is I bought it when I was a teenager and loved the deep base sound of this instrument. I always referred to it as a jumbo concert acoustic. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It was bought at Ted Cole's Music Shop in Salem, Ma.Thanks,Jeff

anyone able to tell me where to find more information on these guitars I was just given a 335 copy by Hoyer and it looks to be 60s era... no label or serial numbers or anything on it. It has a weird metal "block" inside the body (glued in under the bridge pickup cavity but it has 2 sets of wires coming out of it... curious if it's some sort of acoustic pickup or something. The body has extra holes for pots/jacks.. more than a 335 would have.

Hello, I have a Hoyer SG Electric guitar serial number 50603 that I bought in Brussels Belgium around 1977. There is a piece off the lining on the neck but still sounds great. Looking to see what the value may be. Thanks

Acoustic guitars are string instruments that are typically played without electronic amplification. They are generally considered to be a more traditional option for guitarists, and are often used in folk, country, and blues music. Many acoustic guitars have a serial number stamped on the body or neck, which can be used to identify the instrument. The serial number on an acoustic guitar can be used to date the instrument, as well as to identify the specific model and manufacturer. The location of the serial number can vary, but is usually found on the body or neck of the guitar. In some cases, the serial number may be obscured or worn away, making it difficult to read. If you are unsure of the location of the serial number on your guitar, you can consult a guitar repair specialist or the manufacturer.

When there is a lack of consistency between the numbers and letters, a fake digit can be identified. If there were 6 digits on the A1234B serial number for the guitar, this would be a forgery. There are numerous rare guitars in the world, and it is possible that no one has recorded their serial numbers in our Guitar Serial Number Lookup Decoder. You should take the guitar to a professional for a checkup. In this experiment, compare and contrast the performance of each guitar part using photographs of an actual guitar. These instruments are made by skilled professionals and are constructed with high-quality machinery. Whether or not the joint is real, wrist rubbing on a guitar is a sign of it.

Since the beginning of time, guitar serial numbers have been placed on or near the instrument. The top of the neck plate, the front or back of the head


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