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Where To Buy Waist Belts


If you like to accentuate your true waist, a belt that hits right at the midsection is a great way to draw the eye there. It can help to break up blocky outerwear or to rein in a bulky sweater or loose dress.

Writer Amy Roberts is a certified running coach (USATF and RRCA) and has reviewed gear for runners, from shoes to GPS watches, for Wirecutter. As a semi-competitive runner (and someone who seldom leaves her apartment without her phone), she has tried umpteen running belts and waist packs and knows what makes a good one. She also polled runners on her former running team, the Hellgate Road Runners, based in Astoria, New York, about what items they wanted to bring with them on their runs.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Ingrid Skjong is a certified personal trainer (NASM) and lifelong runner who has completed five marathons, several half-marathons, and numerous shorter-distance races. A minimalist in terms of what she carries while training, she focuses on maximum versatility for minimum interference when it comes to running belts. She has worked on other fitness reviews for Wirecutter, including our guides to foam rollers, treadmills, and connected indoor-cycling bikes.

Because not every runner has the same body shape or size, for our initial testing in 2018 and 2019, Amy Roberts distributed eight belt finalists to a dozen runners in New York City, including Wirecutter editor-in-chief Ben Frumin, who was training for a half marathon. These folks, with waist sizes ranging from 27 to 49 inches, each ran on the treadmill and the road (up to a 20-mile run, in the case of one marathoner). Their feedback eliminated three more belts from the, er, running and solidified our four picks.

This wide belt made from breathable and stretchy fabric has a number of hidden pockets to store all your gear, so it's well suited to slow runners, hikers and even sightseers on holiday who need somewhere to stash their essentials. It also comes with diagonal straps with a silicone grip to secure a jacket or walking poles and it's available in red, grey or black.

US brand FlipBelt have an army of dedicated fans, with good reason. This clever belt has been designed to sit flat against your waist, so it won't bounce around or ride up when you run. It comes with multiple pockets to store your essentials and it's available in a range of colours, plus the key hook is a nice touch.

This clever running belt from US brand SpiBelt expands to fit just about everything you might need without bouncing, plus it comes with handy loops along the strap to hold your gels. This is a great option for smaller runners, as the belt can be adjusted for just about all waist sizes. It doubles up as a handy passport storage belt for your holidays too.

Therefore, if you were to measure your own waist and then go buy a belt using that measurement as a baseline, you will end up with a belt much longer than you need. Save yourself the hassle and just look at the size tag on your best fitting pair of pants and just go from there.

The common sartorial rule dictates that trousers made for belts (that is, ones with belt loops) should not be worn with braces, even if those trousers also have proper brace buttons inside the waistband.

While we agree with this rule to a limited extent from an aesthetic perspective, it makes plenty of sense functionally. As it relates to your trouser waist and proper sizing, there is indeed a difference between how belt trousers should fit versus suspender trousers.

Pants made for belts, on the other hand, hug the waist more snugly than those that take suspenders. This allows you to put on a belt and still have your pant waistband lay flat and smooth against your body.

Because of the vast difference in sizing between clothing brands, we no longer recommend only using that simple formula to get the correct size belt. A better method is to always measure yourself before purchasing a new belt. And remember: new leather belts tend to fit snug initiall


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