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Is a ski jacket worn exclusively on the slopes This idea is old news! The latest generation of ski jackets impresses both technically and visually. Wearing BOGNER styles, fashion-conscious men go straight from the slopes to the bar. The ski jackets of the luxury brand harmoniously combine optimal performance and sophisticated design.

2-in-1 jacket, down jacket, overalls, softshell jacket... with the wide selection of ski jackets from BOGNER, there is a suitable model for every style-conscious man. The range extends from timeless classics in black or dark blue to statement pieces in a modern camouflage look. Short or long cut, with down or in a functional blend of materials: with such a variety of styles, you can really have fun looking for a new winter sports basic. The extravagant piste outfit is completed with colour-coordinated ski trousers and smart accessories.

A ski jacket is the foundation of a great ski outfit. Every successful skiing holiday calls for the right ski jacket! We offer a wide range of ski jackets to suit all tastes: from sporty colourblock models to stylish parkas.

If you don't feel like leaving your house to find a new ski jacket, we have the perfect solution: buy it online! Browse through our online collection of snow clothes at your leisure and find your new favourite. Shopping for a new ski jacket has never been easier!

The days of boring ski jackets are over! Our men's ski jackets are sporty-chic, packed with technical details, and were designed according to the latest trends. Ski jackets in classic colours like black, grey, and blue are available in every winter collection because they are easy to combine and always look great. We also carry bolder and brighter styles! Our new snow clothes collection is full of exciting colours and prints, including neon and camouflage ski jackets. The popular colourblocking trend is also represented in this collection.

If you're looking for the best of the best in terms of style and functionality, the PVRE series is for you! The ski jackets in this series were designed for performance and feature the highest quality fabrics, taped seams, waterproof zips, high collars with chin protection, and vent zips. They also come with hoods designed to fit over a ski helmet, with ventilation holes for optimum performance.

If you want to be able to wear your new ski jacket on warm days as well, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One of the most important features the jacket should have is ventilation zips, which you can open when you get warm and close once you've cooled off. These zips make it extremely easy to regulate your body temperature. Another important consideration on warm days is breathability, which is indicated by the K-factor: the higher the K-factor, the more breathable the fabric (and the higher the degree of waterproofing). When it's really too warm for a ski jacket, you can opt for a fleece jacket or fleece top instead. Bonus: you can also wear these under your ski jacket in extremely cold weather, which makes them versatile items for your next ski holiday!

Once you've settled on the style, colour, fit, and length, you have to choose the right size. How It's easier than you think! Our men's ski jackets correlate with standard clothing sizes. This means there's no need to size up to accommodate extra layers, as our designers kept this in mind during the design process. Skiers come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our collection of men's ski jackets range in size from XS to XXL. If you're not sure which size to choose, use our size chart or contact us by chat or e-mail.

It would be a shame to search long and hard for a jacket you only get to wear one week a year. Fortunately, Protest ski jackets can be worn all winter long! Our streetwear styles are particularly hard to distinguish from a regular winter jacket, but our sportier styles are perfect for wearing off the slopes as well. We don't recommend wearing a regular jacket as a ski jac


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