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The Good Dinosaur Movie Download In Hindi Hd |BEST|

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The film revolves around pubescent Rico arguing with school principal Ms. Delores Dery on the dinosaur she should be named. Rico's last dinosaur name is the Maladroit; Dery said about Rico "he's in a state of decay". Dery calls the Maladroit a "Dino-physiologist". Rico's teacher, Mr. Krause, wants him to declare the Maladroit "good", with Dery saying that this philosophy is "incredibly well-conceived."

Rico's best friend Irwin is disappointed when he hears about this, Juan is sad, and Dino is glad that he hasn't been chosen. Dery speaks to Rico about the evolution of dinosaurs, so at the World's Fair there is a glass container with an Extinct Species sign, saying "The last four of our dinosaurs are in the glass". This gets Mr. Krause's attention. Rico struggles with his decision, and plays a game of solitaire. When Rico first meets the Maladroit, he doesn't like him, saying that he smells and is dirty and has looks like a Tyrannosaurus, whereas Mr. Krause calls him, "the nicest dinosaur on earth."

The Maladroit is revealed to be a Herrerasaurus, grandson of the Mamenchisaurus (a dinosaur known as "the most ferocious dino"). He and Mr. Krause (a Hadrosaur) both agree to a race to give a thumbs up or down. Irwin goes to get food, so Dino talks to the Maladroit and tells him to think about what he should be named. Dino is told he should accept being a "good dinosaur", despite the fact that he walks in the form of a Mamenchisaurus. Juan gives a thumbs up for the "good dinosaur", and Irwin comes back with food, so she gives him a thumbs up. Dino soon becomes ill, but Dery explains that that will make the Maladroit stronger. d2c66b5586


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