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Watch 711-S12-E06-TBBT

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The family sits on the couch. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age, clicks it again to send them to the Roman Empire, where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present.

Fight Like A Girl Club Who Wants to Be a Millionaire #1 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire #2 Reality Check Reading Caboose UBS-Mitch Pileggi Who Wants to Be a Millionaire #3 Wedding Night Inside the Actor's Studio-Andie MacDowell Babewatch Clip Artie Lange Show Close-Will

Brokeback Mountain sequel has cowgirls in love and their husbands watching; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Lee trains with John Cho for a role in an upcoming movie; commercial parody features the "best" of George Clooney's screenwriting; Maury Povich (McDonald) and Connie Chung (Lee) confuse their interviewees on Weekends with Maury and Connie; a music video from Ashlee Simpson (Parker) about being a loser in the music biz; singers Candy (Parker) and Tyler Matsumoto (Lee) sing about Hollywood; feuding superheroes Astroman (Barinholtz) and Killbrain the Fury (Peele) cross paths at a local bistro; Steven Cragg shows how to be a Good Samaritan.

Show Open: Kathy Griffin Dr. Phil: On Today's Show: #806 Coldplay Video: #905 House Call: #1101 Mofaz: The Prom: #924 Kathy talks about Michael's dark side. Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet: #1007 Head of the Family: #412 Kathy talks about Stuart. Stuart Next Door: #914 Moment of Truth: #1314 Michael returns to the MADtv stage for the first time since leaving. Michael tells the audience that the creation of Stuart was inspired by his former career of being a kindergarten teacher. Kathy asks how Michael felt to be canned from the show after 10 seasons for being "difficult". Michael and Kathy thank everyone for watching the show. 59ce067264


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