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Smart Show 3d Full Version Free Download 'LINK'

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Smart Show 3d Full Version Free Download 'LINK'

Apple TV owners can use the Apple AV Adapter to maximize the capabilities of the Apple TV, and Apple itself is outfitting the Apple TV with iTunes and its own apps, but there's a $1.99 app called Tunesmith that enables the full potential of Apple TV once it's connected to your home network. It can play album artwork with iTunes 10's new smart playlists, and it has a library of over 10,000 songs as well as 6,000 TV shows. But it also acts as a standalone iTunes client. It allows you to browse an iPhone's Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks libraries or listen to books via iBooks and audio books, and it has a built-in radio built into it where you can listen to, for instance, your favorite NPR station.

The lack of a physical remote, a touchscreen, or even a microphone made it tricky to launch iTunes on the Apple TV, but Tunesmith fixes that problem. The app itself isn't used any more than a couple different devices right now there are no games or photo galleries but if you're an Apple TV owner with a large music collection, it can make the Apple TV much happier. The best part is that it makes the Apple TV and many other devices on your network a giant iTunes library, and iTunes is now starting to add features that make the Apple TV much more useful. iTunes Match, for instance, now allows you to enter albums that haven't been uploaded to iTunes in order to sync them, and using iTunes' smart playlists makes finding and playing music easy and enjoyable.

The Bottom Line: THX Deep Note Mp3 Download ($1.99) walks you through speakers and HDTV calibration in iTunes, but it doesn't take you as deep into the calibration settings as most new TVs will require. d2c66b5586


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