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If you cannot use the automatic methods to download your information pretty much every financial institution supports the open standard. QFX format with Quicken. Lastly, If synchronization breaks with Quicken, nothing prevents you from manually entering your journal entries. Whereas with Mint you cannot enter any transactions if synchronization breaks. Therefore, we recommend Quicken over Mint in this category, though from our testing have had a better experience with Personal Capital synchronization.

Larry, you are sorta correct. Quicken will work offline but you must wage war with Quicken and Intuit to do it and never update! And you must use versions before 2016. Since mid 2016, the management of Quicken has decided that all software must register with Intuit or be locked. They now require 2016 (later updates) and later to run all data through Intuit telling folks that is the only way to update data. (I suppose they get a cut.) That is unmitigated hog wash as you can directly connect to any bank and download the same information that Intuit routes to your computer. I will agree that for the novice, Intuit makes it easier but it is still not difficult. 153554b96e


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