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From The Darkness-DARKSiDERS


Somewhere in-between these passing events, Lucifer has the servile companion of Vulgrim, Dis, punished and imprisoned for skulking about in his affairs on the scavenger's behalf. Firstly, Lucifer contacted Astarte of the Faneguard, her mind already broken from Corruption and made a deal with her; the power to raise the dead and freedom from her duties in exchange for Eden and her soul upon her death.

When the Horsemen, Strife and War, arrived on Earth and bore witness to the corrupted Humans, Lucifer appeared before them. Possessing the body of a human child, he taunted the Horsemen with the flaws of Humanity, then asked if the Riders would exterminate all the humans just to stop the effects of The Animus. Before either of the Horsemen could take action against him, The Lord of all Hells departed from the human vessel and escaped.

Though nothing could be done to undo the damage Lucifer had put upon Man, it was still deemed an intolerable act, which led The Charred Council to cut off Earth from the rest of Creation and forging the Seven Seals in response.

In the true ending where Fury attains an amulet of Souls that the Lord of the Hollows transformed into and decides to use it to protect herself from the Charred Council's attack, the Dark Prince angrily tells Lilith that she was supposed to silence the traitor to the Dark Kingdom before ultimately deciding that it did not matter since she knew not what she held. He mused that the Charred Council would deliberate on the matter, then make the mistake of sending War to Earth which will lead to him destroying the Seventh Seal (naturally after killing Abaddon) and that he would rule over the chaos before dismissing Lilith.

After Death restored humanity and destroyed the source of Corruption, Lucifer lost the means through which he could dispose of his enemies. To add insult to injury, Lilith failed to bring forth an army of the Nephilim due to their souls being lost forever and, in their place, humanity was reborn from the devastation he'd wrought once again.

Lucifer does not seem to tolerate failure as he made sure to punish Belial for his failure and for giving information to the horsemen. He also did not tolerate Lilith's failure in bringing back the Nephilim as she promised him to be his army. He seems to be creative in ways intended to punish and inflict pain onto others as he stated that Lilith would not derive any pleasure from her punishment this time and from her screams his words rang true.

As for the battle here, hmmm...I need to see some gameplay vids of for Death full power, are you talking a maxed out character (at which point a build would need to be picked from what I am reading), or are you allowing him access to all of the skills

@neongamewave: If it's Jackie as we know him, then I'm not certainly how well he'd perform. He's quite tough and the Darkness gives him quite the healing factor. Though overall the concept isn't that different from Absalom's once he became Corruption. Essentially the darkness and twisted evil that rots and destroys all things.

Absalom was immensely strong, could generate blast waves with his waraxe, Absolution, as well as tendrils of Corruptions that could ensnare targets and attack others. Strong enough to block blows from Death's scythes. Absalom could even increase his size and mass to a degree, increasing his strength and power.

@neongamewave: It does, Jackie can pretty much form about anything he wants from the Darkness. Its strength really depends on him. While Absalom doesn't so much create as corrupt and alter other things with his power, whether they be living flesh or animated stone. Even Angels and Demons weren't immune to the Corruption.

Perhaps what protected Death from affliction by Corruption was also his belief in the Balance. Without it there'd be nothing. He knows that destruction is as necessary as creation. As the rider of Death, he probably knows that better than anyone. Those he reaps are channeled


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