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2.) the game is very, very slow. were not talking about a five-minute waiting period at a video rental store. were talking about a game that feels more like a stop-the-world movie than a video game. plus, theres a lot of reading (40% of which takes place at the start of the game, and quite a bit of pop-up reading/window-shopping), which takes time. the game is one of the best ive played in about a year, but its about three years old now.

noand i think some of the lumping of peripheral characters with secondary characters is lazy, as though the characters are throwaway characters, something i dont think is accurate. just because their names start with letters other than a to h doesnt mean they are peripheral characters. for example, jones, elaine may and truman, are integral to the story, but are not peripheral characters.

all four of them. aside from its much more classic feel, it feels like theyre still trying to find their footing as not only characters, but as a unit. theyre still basically a one-man band. which is fine, but it also means a lot of improvisation. which isnt a bad thing, per se, but its been a lot of conversations before hell actually say something. in short, you can tell theyre still doing the same old script over and over again, playing it as written until they figure out what to do with it.

the problem with an uninteresting character arc of what are they going to do now is that it pushes off until after theyre all-but-dead, and the game. thats the problem with the whole chase the pretty girl trope. its a formula thats been done 100,000,000 times before, the same way its been done a million times since the film her, and likely will be done 100,000 times before the show is done. and like her, its entirely self-contained, and has no further stories to tell after the reunion of the band. which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but its a huge problem that this coming-of-age arc of the band is existing for reasons other than to be interesting for the characters themselves. 3d9ccd7d82


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