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A PR Agency Wants Us To Wear Bacon Pants

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Have you ever taken a moment to envision what your dream retirement would look like (If not, I highly encourage you to take the next 60 seconds to think about it, or take this fun quiz!) I recently had the opportunity to publicly share my dream retirement. In return, I received an illustration from a gifted artist, Buck Jones, depicting me living my perfect retirement. This, in my case, involved eating bacon every day while wearing my bacon pants and following the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival around the country - similar to a Deadhead in the 1970s and 80s.

As I thought about my retirement wants, thoughts of my retirement needs sneaked into my brain. That list was much less dramatic. It included food (unfortunately more than just bacon), basic comforts, healthcare, control and dignity. As I continued thinking, the song "Doctor Doctor" by Melbourne-based band Oh Pep! popped into my head. In it, lead vocalist Olivia Hally sings, "I know what I want, but it's not what I need," over and over again. Although the song has little to do with retirement planning, it reminded me that needs and wants are very different when it comes to planning your future - especially once you crossed into a life in retirement, a life without a paycheck.

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