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Prabhas Yogi Telugu Movie Free 38

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Prabhas Yogi Telugu Movie Free 38

During the first few months of his spiritual life the yogi should make as much progress as he is able. To do this he must make many sacrifices, for he must now renounce the pleasures of the world. He may not enjoy the food he has prepared for others, nor be seen in public with women who are not his wives.... As he develops his yogic power more and more, he will find that when he looks upon his food, he no longer desires it, and when he is seen in public, he does not care where he may be. Every sense organ is being developed to the utmost, for there is nothing higher than spirituality. Such a person is spiritually intoxicated. He is strong in will. In all he does he serves his own will. But even in his most ardent sacrifice it is always towards the benefit of others. No touch must pass his lips. He must see them dead. Sooner or later he will be able to embrace his own mother.

I have seen, by my fourth birth, that you are no more! About to ask you, dear Krsna, whether you were a plant or an animal to have endured the test of eternity, the pliancy of your body has been swollen to the size of an atom. Before it touches your soul, the flash of my thought has destroyed its personality. You are now my eternal friend, Parama Ila. You will remain the same, and I with you. 8 The nearest word to the original text is in the Bhedabheda Vibhaga-Bhedabheda (Three Major Verses) of Yogi Bhajan: "God is my lord in the whole Universe, as I am his Lord, completely, all the time. I will worship him, I will obey him, I will pray to him. He will accept me as all my wishes, through me, are fulfilled.""Yogi Bhajan, Sat, Sun and the rest is all one," in The Secrets of the Yogis, 1971. "God is Consciousness. And I am Consciousness. I am the God Consciousness. I am the Consciousness which is beyond, infinitely above, all the finite consciousness of the Universe. I am beyond that in me, and He in me. I am Consciousness; He is Consciousness. I am Consciousness. He is Consciousness." The Complete Works of Yogi Bhajan, 202-203. In Yogi Bhajan, the Absolute Consciousness and the Relative Consciousness are synonymous terms, and so the two words are used interchangeably. This is the property of any Consciousness, and the property of the Absolute Consciousness is to manifest the Relative Consciousness of the Universe. Yogi Bhajan gives his epitome of Absolute Consciousness as follows: "I am ever-present within the Universe, but the Universe is not present within me. I am Eternal Awareness, infinite and above all time and space." Yogi Bhajan, Sat, Sun and the rest is all one, The Secrets of the Yogis, 1971, p. 101, n. 10. 3d9ccd7d82


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