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Windows 7 Spooler Repair ##TOP##

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Windows 7 Spooler Repair ##TOP##

The Print Spooler repair tool was developed by in 2013 (Formally known as Print Spooler Repair Tool by TSA). This tool is a completely freeware utility made to repair print spooler service. It resets all components of the print spooler service to roll back to its default state. Once it comes into its default state, it will be restored as like a new one. So this is a full proof tool to repair print spooler service in Windows.

3. Now the tool will check, update, repair, install and finally restart the Print Spooler. All these processes will be completed in almost 1 minute. Wait a moment to complete the repair process.

Print spooler is an essential service for Windows operating system to print smoothly. The print spooler service should be in a running state. If somehow it stops, then your printing functionality also gets stopped.

Therefore, we are introducing a 100% FREE Print Spooler Repair Tool, which is a simple and easy to use tool that has the capability to fix all types of Print Spooler problems in a few seconds. You can successfully execute this repair tool in just one click without installing it on your computer.

Although it can resolve all the error messages related to the print spooler service in the Windows operating system, we are sharing with you the list of print spooler error messages that can be easily solved by this tool.

Good morning AskPerf world! Jeff Hagler from the Performance team here to chat about printing. How many of you have ever dealt with an issue where you just knew that something was wrong with your print spooler but could not quite put a finger on it Maybe print jobs were slow, certain users could print to some printers but not others, or maybe nobody could print at all

Back in the day, we included a tool with the Windows 2003 Resource Kit called Cleanspl that was able to make sure that the spooler service was configured correctly and clear of any third party dependencies that may be referencing bad/missing files. Cleanspl is a great tool, but by being hidden in the resource kit, it was rarely used. Up until now, this tool did not exist/work in recent Operating Systems like Windows Server 2008..

Please Note: All applications must be shut down before running the Fix It Solution. Some applications will open a handle to the print spooler when running and this will prevent any cleanup from occurring. The Fix It Solution will not shut down any applications before the cleanup to prevent loss of data.

Print spooler service manages multiple print requests and sends them to the printer one by one for printing. As we all know, printers take a bit of time to print, so print spooler service keeps all the pending documents in the queue and then send them to the printer one by one when the first document is printed.

Refer to this page to see if you are getting an issue, the print spooler keeps stopping automatically. And if you are totally missing a print spooler service from the lost, then refer to this article to get rid of the issue print spooler service is missing.

Q: Does this fix work for all Windows. My print spooler service is not running in Windows XP A: Yes, this quick fix utility works fine in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Q: Does it able to fix the issue Spooler SubSystem App error A: It is supposed to fix it. Please let us know if it is not working for you. Q: Why is my print spooler is crashing again and again A:If it is crashing again & again chances are some virus or malware is doing this. So it is better to scan the system with a good malware removal tool and then run this utility.

5. Find Print Spooler in the list of services then Right click Print Spooler and select Start, select Automatic in the Startup Type box, and then select OK. The print spooler queue is now cleared. Print the file again Source

I have a windows XP printer with an HP printer attached to it. 99% of the times I have to restart the computer (re


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