The Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning Centre is an Independent Special Assistance School which incorporates an animal-assisted learning approach to re-engage students who have been impacted by a variety of factors including mental health, social and emotional difficulties, and the impacts of childhood trauma.

Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning Centre is committed to demonstrating Christ’s love in the community through the provision of high quality Special Assistance Schooling by valuing diversity, inspiring learning and expanding futures.

The aim of the Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning Centre is to;

  1. Work collaboratively with community youth support organisations and agencies to identify young people who have disengaged or are ‘at risk’ of disengagement from schooling.
  2. Assist young people to overcome the barriers to school attendance, by providing practical supports and resources to assist with school attendance.
  3. Invest the time to develop healthy trusting relationships as a foundation to a safe learning environment, where young people feel confident to take risks and make mistakes.
  4. Provide a wide range of relevant, practical and engaging learning experiences that promote effort, encouragement and success.
  5. Provide various educational pathways with a rich-task orientation allowing students to understand the relevance between numeracy, literacy and work-related goals.
  6. Deliver a socially just and relevant curriculum in an environment of Christian care and support which meets the diverse and individual needs of students.