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Tails The Backbone Preludes

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Tails The Backbone Preludes

Going down these paths can be surprisingly difficult, as some interactions require specific responses that don't always seem clear. For example, Renee's introduction centers around an article she's writing about a mysterious fire that occurred after police killed a man during a domestic incident. When reviewing the evidence with her husband Lukas, who is also a cop, the player is tasked with trying to convince Lukas that something is fishy due to inconsistencies in the police reports. Unfortunately, players aren't provided dialogue options that cover all the major details presented to them, which often results in an unconvinced Lukas. This opening moment can give the impression that the player's choices don't actually matter, but the reality is that some options are just more unclear than others or don't play out the way the text suggests it would.

Raw Fury and developer Eggnut have announced Tails: The Backbone preludes, a pixel-art prequel to the noir-narrative adventure game Backbone. Like Backbone, Tails will star anthropomorphic animals solving puzzles and mysteries in a dystopian Vancouver. It will be released on PC (via Steam) next year.

Tails: The Backbone Preludes is full of living, breathing characters who, for all their fur and tails, have to make some very human choices. Beautiful and mournful, it may be light on gameplay but will draw you into its web of subtle decisions that makes for more than just one compelling playthrough.

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