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The Descent 2005 ORIGINAL UNRATED CUT 1080p Blu...


Production of The Descent competed with a big-budget American film that had a similar premise, The Cave. The Descent was originally scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom by November 2005 or February 2006, but The Cave began filming six months before its competitor. The filmmakers of The Descent decided to release their film before The Cave, so they fast-tracked production to be completed by the end of February 2005.[10]

Synopsis: Note: The UK version of the film is the same as the US's original unrated version.Director: Neil MarshallCast: Shauna Macdonald, MyAnna Buring, Craig Conway, Natalie Jackson MendozaRegion Code: B (UK & Europe)Cert: 18Format: Blu-ray 59ce067264


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