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What Is Xml Dom Document 3.0 Msxml3 Dll

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once the dom was initialized, the next step was to create a xslt stylesheet and apply it to the dom. i created an xslt file (xml2html.xslt) from the book and tried to apply it to a dom string. it was not valid. i was confused for a few seconds, but then it hit me. if you try to apply an xslt stylesheet to a string, the document() feature returns 0. the xslt engine will attempt to perform the transformation. i think this is because the dom objects didn't have a schema. it expects to be able to resolve an xml dtd and stylesheet from the dom.

if you are going to be performing searches and operations on objects with a dom interface, then you need to make sure that the objects you create will have a constructor with the same number of arguments as the interface. if you create an object that is too different, no search or operation will work.

when you create a new msxml object, you can also pass it a userdata string. this string is used by some other components, like the adodb provider, to provide extra information for the component to use. the userdata string cannot be too large.

the easiest way to create a new msxml document is with the function createobject. the method expects two arguments: the progid, and the userdata. there are different versions of this function available. the version of the createobject function that accepts the progid and userdata arguments is listed in the table above.

to load a document, use the loadxml() method on the domdocument object. this creates and parses the document. the result of the parsing is the entire document. you can use the loaded document to work with all the elements in the document. 3d9ccd7d82


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