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Buy Dumpling Steamer

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Buy Dumpling Steamer

Why we chose it: With three tiers, sizes up to 12.2 inches, and deeper steamer basket options to accommodate larger foods, this steamer might be the only tool you need to execute a family feast.

Bamboo is a sustainable material already, but the addition of a whopping 10 reusable cotton liners in this fully-equipped steamer puts it a step above. Food will stick to the bottom of your steamer (not to mention the occasional possibility of splinters) so using a liner is incredibly important. Though we are quite partial to these parchment paper versions otherwise, we found the smaller mesh of the cotton liners helped regulate the amount of steam allowed to touch the food, given that the bottom slats of this product are set wider and made from thinner material than the normal closer-together strips of wood.

While the cooking method depends heavily upon your mood and what you are craving, it also depends on the shape of your dumpling. Some methods of cooking hinge on certain dumpling qualities, such as iron-clad seals to prevent bursting (boiling), flat bottoms that offer surface space to crisp up (pan-fried potstickers), or thicker skins to withstand the pressures of boiling.

Steam-frying, or the potsticker method, is employed for dumplings like gyoza and gow gee (also known as jiaozi or guo tie). The dumplings are seared on their base to create a golden, crispy bottom, and then water is added, and they are covered to steam through. When the water evaporates, lift the lid and let them cook a moment longer. This method of double-frying is what gives potstickers their signature crispy crust.

To add a touch of fancy to your dumplings, add a crispy, lacy skirt. This is a simple process where the water that is normally added to steam potstickers is replaced by a cornstarch slurry. A nonstick pan is best for this cooking method.

Cooking Asian food in this way is a centuries-old tradition and one of the most revered methods. Bamboo steamers have been used in Asian cuisine for centuries to cook vegetables, fish, and various other dishes due to their versatility. In addition, it is an inexpensive kitchen gadget that is easy to use.

Bamboo steamers are round and typically made up of two or three steamer baskets. They have a flat top and bottom so that multiple steamer baskets can be stacked on top to allow you to cook different or multiple batches at the same time.

Nowadays, you can find them in various designs and materials. Metal bands around the edges of the steamers are now readily available for sale. With the bands wrapping around the baskets, it is more stable and less likely to break.

You can make many recipes in a steamer basket, including dumplings, seafood, poultry, bread, rice or sticky rice, and much more. A bamboo steamer works by placing the food in the basket, usually lined with parchment paper or cabbage leaves, and then placing the basket inside a pot with about 1 or 1 1/2 inches of water that has already been steaming. The steam can pass through the lattice of woven bamboo strips on the bottom of the baskets and cook the food inside.

There are ways to help eliminate the smell, but keep in mind that the odor may not disappear immediately the first time you treat the bamboo steamer. Additionally, the more frequently you use your bamboo steamer, the more that smell will dissipate over time.

This is a perfect package of play foods and toys for the littlest dumpling lovers in the family. A fun and educational experience, add cultural diversity to your child's play kitchen when they cook and dine!

The soft wool blend felt dumplings and cabbage leaf are hand cut and sewn to fit inside a mini bamboo steamer. The bamboo tong included was intentionally selected to help with chopstick skills, promote pincer grasp hand strength, and to avoid losing one side to a set of traditional 2 piece chopsticks.

Steaming food is easy enough with any pot and vented basket, but if your goal is pillowy mantou buns, juicy st


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