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Your child will need help to manage their periods at first. For example, you might need to talk with your child about how often to change their pad, tampon or period-proof underwear, and how to dispose of or clean it hygienically.

To find the best underwear for kids, from both well-known and new-to-market brands, I consulted dozens of parents (in my circle of friends as well as at Wirecutter) and hundreds of customer reviews. And to understand common pain points, I perused questions posed by frustrated parents in online forums such as the Peloton Moms Facebook group and Parenting sub-Reddit.

After taking in all that underwear intel, I came up with a list of 37 well-liked styles from a total of 15 different brands. I then divided the testing pool into six categories of underwear: girls briefs, hipsters, and legged styles (which are often referred to as boyshorts or shorts), and boys briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. Note that the majority of brands, including almost all of the ones we tested, separate underwear by gender. In reality, most kids would likely be able to comfortably wear most of the pairs we tested regardless of their anatomy.

The cute boxer briefs, classic briefs, and bikini underwear from Primary were comfortable, but not as comfortable as similarly priced and styled pairs from Hanna Andersson, our testers found. Primary also offers fewer color and style options.

RedDrop period underwear is super absorbent, period proof underwear that can be worn alone, however we encourage tweens who are just starting their period journey to use them with a pad or a tampon. Our period underwear are leakproof and designed to be comfortable and discreet.

"I love that these are small but not too thin like a panty liner. They fit very nicely in underwear and are perfect for my daughter. I bought tons of products at Target labeled for Teens and they were all huge. These are perfect."

Thankfully, there are many more choices for period products these days; besides tampons and disposable pads, we have menstrual cups, discs, reusable pads, and the newer types of products gaining popularity, period underwear, swimsuits, and activewear.

The upfront cost for a wardrobe of period underwear can be significant. If you have a health savings account (HSA/FSA), period underwear (and most menstrual products) should be covered under the CARES Act and eligible to be bought using FSA/HSA money.

As much as we love the Thinx underwear, the price keeps us from stocking the underwear drawer with them. These Neione three-packs come in several colors and get the job done. They are not tween-specific, but they do go all the way down to an XXS that fits my average-sized 11-year-old.

If you have a trans or gender-nonconforming tween, or even just a kid who likes the extra coverage, TomboyX offers a wide range of styles in their First Line Leakproof underwear. From boxer briefs to bikinis, there are plenty of choices and the sizes go down to XXXS.

Cloth diaper wet bags can be useful for transporting dirty period undies, too. I let my daughter pick out which print she wanted, and she keeps it in her book bag with an extra pair of underwear and some pads in the smaller compartment, and uses the bigger section for items destined for the laundry.

Encopresis, also known as functional fecal incontinence or soiling, is when children pass stool (poop) into their underwear, in most cases accidentally. It occurs in children 4 years of age and older who have been toilet trained. The condition is more common in boys than girls. It affects 1% to 4% of children who are 4 years old, and the frequency of this condition decreases with older age.

"I don't know where the disconnect is with people and they're like, 'well, if you see that [sexualization], then that's your problem'. You're having children pose like adults whilst wearing underwear Maybe I'm just hyper aware of that now. Obviously, my kids are the same age and it freaks me out."

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