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After the death of Antony and Cleopatra, Egypt is ruled by the young tyrant Pharaoh Nemorat and his mother Tegi. Cleopatra has left a surviving daughter, Shila, raised by the king and queen of Assyria. When Nemorat conquers Assyria, Shila is brought to the Egyptian court and, at the instigation of Nemorat's mother, marries him. The pharaoh, who is a mentally disturbed hypochondriac, has a good and wise physician, Resi, who falls in love with Shila and encourages her to go on living despite the killing of her Assyrian surrogate parents by Tegi.

If Nitocris and Scheherazade won, Nitocris makes the talisman for Scheherezade as promised. She then wonders how to report her victory to Ozymandias without seeming either too excited or too disinterested. Ozymandias then appears and asks Nitocris how she feels about her victory. Nitocris answers that she is first and foremost glad that she didn't fail to live up to his expectations of her. But Ozymandias's silence makes her think that he is displeased. Ozymandias asks her why she doesn't rejoice. Nitocris answers it's because she struggled until the end when a pharaoh's victory should be certain. Ozymandias admits he knew that would happen, as what he truly wanted was to see how Nitocris felt after claiming victory herself. But Nitocris failed to meet his expectations, so Ozymandias orders her to try again. Nitocris then proudly declares her victory, pleasing Ozymandias. 153554b96e


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