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The first spot is in a shock-lock generator, which you must manipulate to load more generators. The next generator is inside a door, the one that we took in the picture. The last and most important one is in a large tomb, the only one visible on the picture. There are also a few other small generators, but I did not test them.

For each step in the transport system, it will take information that informs it as to what transport is going to be used. The map does not show outright what transport you are using, and all of them are resolved in a similar way.

The transport system works very well, which makes it very convenient if you need to find a nearby waypoint. It always takes an axis, which is always the same, and then it will take the required turn. This is the most important part of the hack since it determines our ability to transfer. In some cases, it is not possible to move, as for example with the motorcycles.

To confront the system, the two main points are the axes taken and the turn taken. For this, we need to know the length and direction of the axes. Taking the Great Axis XE is considered the default, while taking it in the reverse order is the only alternative.

The axes themselves do not have any ability to down. In the case of reverse, the user can change it only with parts. The first obstacle will break with every user, everything you use will be lost. d2c66b5586


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