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The Antares Auto Tune Harmony Engine adds harmonic and melodic alterations to your vocal or instrument tracks. With the multi-award-winning Antares Auto Tune Harmony Engine you can quickly create multiple harmonies within a single vocal or instrument track without having to start the track again. Track the changes and view a highlights reel after the session by using the playback modes available.

Antares Auto Tune Harmony Engine is a downloadable product designed to offer up to three harmony functions. Let's take a look at some of the limitations that come with a vocal harmony plugin so you can be aware of the ease with which you can do harmonies.

The Antares Harmony Engine uses a scale system where you can manipulate notes in the chord and scale in real-time. Therefore, the harmony engine is able to adjust the notes in the chord or scale to any key you want and this can be done for multiple chords which often comes in handy. The simultaneous controls and playback allows you to instantly and virtually flawlessly create an infinite number of harmonies.

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