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Where To Buy Primal Kitchen


Where To Buy Primal Kitchen

While Primal Kitchen has already made considerable progress under its own steam, acknowledged Primal Kitchen co-founder Mark Sisson, working with Kraft Heinz will help the brand get where it wants to go much faster while continuing to operate autonomously, keeping its leadership team and operating out of its production facility in Oxnard, California.

Our mayo is made with real food ingredients that don't contain any artificial preservatives or thickeners. The emulsification may break and the product will separate as a result of temperature fluctuations, usually during the colder months. We recommend not consuming this product if that occurs. Please contact customer service at 888-774-6259 or email and we will be happy to get you taken care of!

No keto kitchen is complete without a bottle of avocado oil! When you spend $30 on any supplements, condiments, or books, we'll include a free large bottle of avocado oil ($16.99 value). Ready to shop 59ce067264


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