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[S2E7] Messy

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[S2E7] Messy

This technical challenge was presented to the bakers in series 2 episode 8. To make 12 iced buns all the same shape and all look the same is not an easy task especially when it comes to dipping the buns in icing as it can be a messy process.

Apart from these major incidents, the air in the Kayı tribe is pretty tense as Aygül nearly kills Hazal Hatun to get revenge for her mother Zohre. If it weren't Lena to stop Aygül from sliding her sword across Hazal's throat, Yavlak Arsalan would have been all by himself now. Admist these tenses situations, Targun manages to enjoy these messy situations and spy upon not only Osman but also Lena and Hazal.

At the very beginning, we had an Osman-Bala scene. In such messy, confusing and constant chaotic situations, watching them calm each other down and emotionally lifting each other up not only proves to be a good influence on them but also on us. Amidst the constant chaos, every OsBal (Osman-Bala) scene instantly lifts up our moods and curls our lips. Here, I loved the way Bala was trying to make Osman understand the aftermath and effect his actions leave on others in the tribe. Her being honest and not just worrying about her husband but also the tribe was exceptional. 59ce067264


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