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Where To Buy Coil Racks

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Where To Buy Coil Racks

Decades ago, companies working with round bundles of steel had no alternative but to store them on the floor. Today most companies are still storing your coils or coil saddles on the floor.

We can all agree that warehouse space is valuable and that any storage that is limited to the floor alone is costing you money. To add fuel to the fire, coils sprawled about the floor quickly become a safety hazard and an inventory nightmare, not to mention that it leaves them susceptible to damage.

There are two distinct types of coil racking, designed for flexibility. Either cradles or arms securely hold each coil in position, so that they can be organized off of the floor. Most companies use forklifts to transport the rolls from one spot to another.

Coil racks are an industrial rack system that gives individual bundles of coils their own safe and organized spot for storing. Usually stacked vertically in individual rack spaces, this system takes coiled material from the floor to a specially designed rack, eliminating floor clutter while still supporting the heavy weight of the load.

SJF's coil racks are built with structural steel for strength and durability. There are many possible configuration options and each are customizable for the individual space. They are similar to cantilever racking in some instances, where horizontal arms are used to hang the coil from the supported cantilever racking. Other options include a rack shelving type of storage system where cradles are included to stop the coils from rolling.

Coil racks are a very safe and strong solution that gives many options and can hold as many or as few coils as you have a need for. They can be stacked vertically to clear floor space as high as the rack capacity allows, or stocked horizontally or even back-to-back.

Coil racks from SJF Material Handling are specifically-designed to replace steel bundle storage issues with storage solutions that make coils easy to find and safe to handle. Coil racks are an innovative yet cost-effective storage solution that allows you to safely store ultra-heavy steel rolls three, four or even five levels high and more.

SJF Material Handling's coil racks make it so every coil has a designated slot with coil storage cradles or coil saddles, thus protecting each coil from damage. Every coil is easy to find because everything is stored off the floor and out of the way.

No more moving one coil to get at another. No matter what a coil's size or weight, SJF Material Handling will custom design and manufacture steel coil storage solutions specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for your operation.

By stacking coils that were formerly stored on the floor, steel coil storage solutions using coil racking free up valuable floor space while providing a high density storage solution. All while using existing warehouse space.

The days of moving coils aside to get at the one you need are gone! Stacking coils using coil rack provides easy access to all coils while maximizing your warehouse's pre-existing storage capacity. Coils are neatly stored in their own designated coil storage cradles or steel coil saddles, providing easy access for coil retrieval. SJF's structural steel coil racks are specifically-designed, engineered and manufactured to provide a tailor-made high-capacity storage system solution designed for easy storage and retrieval of coils.

While it's great to be cost-effective and save space, it still needs to be safe. Let's face it, coils are weighty. There are many dangerous things that can happen when you try to store heavy things in high places and most of them are not good. It only takes a brief search on YouTube to see what happens when overloaded and under-engineered storage racks fail and collapse. When one section comes down, it all comes down. At best, things are destroyed. And sadly, at worst, people die.

There is a better way. At SJF, we've designed and manufactured all our heavy duty coil racks


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