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Mirc 7.29 Registration Code Keyg 'LINK'

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Represents the original seller's name.Manufacturer code shall be applied for registration at the code center of each country in order to obtain it.EAN code can be used only after the manufacturer code is obtained.

The manufacturer code was changed to 7 digits (9 digits including country code), applicable for new registration from January 2001 onwards, in order to meet the increasing applications for manufacturer codes.

Source marking means that manufacturers or sellers print EAN codes on the product packages or containers during the production or packaging process. Most foods and daily necessities in supermarkets have source-marked EAN codes. As mentioned earlier, product item code registration is required to put source marking on the product.

description: remap mirc colors in messages using a hashtable: keys are "fg,bg" as integers between -1 (not specified) and 15, values are WeeChat color names or numbers (format is: "1,-1:color1;2,7:color2"), example: "1,-1:darkgray;1,2:white,blue" to remap black to "darkgray" and black on blue to "white,blue"; default WeeChat colors for IRC codes: 0=white, 1=black, 2=blue, 3=green, 4=lightred, 5=red, 6=magenta, 7=brown, 8=yellow, 9=lightgreen, 10=cyan, 11=lightcyan, 12=lightblue, 13=lightmagenta, 14=darkgray, 15=gray 153554b96e


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