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Miyawaki Sakura Photo Book 11

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Miyawaki Sakura Photo Book 11

On this day, Sakura announced the upcoming release of her very own graduation photo book, marking her departure from HKT48 after 10 years. The idol can be seen posing for a variety of elegant pictorial previews, going for a pure and lovely side to a more chic, mature side. Miyawaki Sakura participated in the visual production of her upcoming photobook herself in order to make her graduation even more memorable for fans.

Sakura shared via her Instagram Story, "When I woke up this morning and looked at my Kakao Talk, I had a Kakao Talk from Yoo Ri kekekekeke. She said that the photobook looked pretty and she wanted one, and so I told her I'd give her one kekekekeke. I usually don't get Kakao Talk messages like this, how cute..... hehehehe."

On January 16th, it was announced that Otani Emiri would release her first photobook, Suki na Hito (好きな人). On January 17th, it was announced that =LOVE would release their first album in spring 2021. 153554b96e


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