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strangely, there is no description for genocide , but the page says that this 2005 filipino gore film is based on a true story. the other two films listed in the sourceforge's description may be identical to one another. there is another wrong turn 2: dead end that is available on the internet, but this is, of course, rather different.

some players will also enjoy the fun of trying to figure out what the deleted scenes are - there are, in fact, two of them, which are shown on the dvd case and listed in the credits. note that players without the full dvd package cannot re-watch the deleted scenes. also, the audio/visual quality of the deleted scenes is significantly lower than the r-rated version.

one of the dvd's bonus contents is a chat with robert englund and kevin allocca about the movie and the game. you can read it in the chat room included with the game or here. you can listen to it using the player included with the game or using windows media player (available in windows xp). the recording is in wav format. there are other extras with the game and they can be viewed on the official site.

there was a game for ps3, xbox360 and wii, released as battlefield , having several official maps and two extra modes (battlelog and conquest). you can visit their official website to read more about it, but as far as i know none of these maps are in the game ported to pc, so i'm including them here just to satisfy your curiosity. there are nine official maps: teufelsberg, half-life and two days, the lab, chemical plant, deleted scene, the lab 2, genetix, the cave and firefight. also available are two pvp modes: conquest and battlelog. there are also three bonus maps: blackout, operation: breakout and close encounter. there are a couple of trailers and images available to download on the official site of battlefield. 3d9ccd7d82


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