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This Is Going To Hurt S01e07


This Is Going To Hurt S01e07

Shoulder dystocia are two words you never want to hear as an obstetrician. Baby's head delivers, but its shoulders get stuck. All the time this is going on, baby's brain isn't getting any oxygen. Five minutes of that, and it's irreversible damage.

One doctor, in this country, takes their own life every three weeks. And it should be a national fսckng headline every time it happens, and instead it's just brushed under the carpet. Doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, physios, a million and a half of them... they don't do this for the money, for the kudos, for the anything. They do it because they care. Day in, day out, going the extra mile to keep the rest of us on the road. That's a pretty fսckng special thing. And you could do yourselves a favour to remember that once in a while. You know, I... I really miss you.

It is not the only anime this season being affected by the pandemic. Uncle from Another World, Ayakashi Triangle, Nier: Automata Ver1.1a, and Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible are also all suffering from delays due to COVID-19. Some of these anime are going on an indefinite hiatus rather than just being delayed, so it is fortunate for fans of BOFURI that the delay is only temporary for now.

Rhaenyra isn't having it, and when he start going in on his own sexuality, she slaps him out of it, reminding him that he's an honorable man with a good heart. (Reader, watching this the first time, I really thought that she signed his death warrant with those words; "RIP LAENOR," I wrote in my notes.) They share a moment of sincere mutual affection; he resolves to let Ser Qarl go and re-dedicate himself to her as a true companion, if nothing else. She seems impressed and moved by this.

I am also on Team Van Being Alive. For the same reasons! ugh, I am going to be so upset if Van is dead. Liv Hewson is probably my favorite actor on this show, their comedic timing is everything and I just appreciate everything they do!

Joel: "You're just a kid. You shouldn't know what it means, to...It's not like you killed him, but shooting...I know what it's like. First time that you, er, hurt someone like that. If you, er...when...I'm not good at this."

By the beginning of the end, this writer means that things are going to progress quickly to the season finale and a lot of people will get hurt and/or killed along the way. The question is: Will Joel or Ellie make it out of the first season alive

The Mithril plot is so bad in part because it makes the dwarves cruel. It also just feels deeply melodramatic to the point of being downright maudlin. I like Durin, and the scene about Elrond only being winded during their rock-breaking contest was great, but the amount of crying and blubbering he does in this episode is absurd, especially since we know the elves are going to be just fine (for now) and that all of this is just contrived to add conflict and a false sense of tension.

The obvious answer is that Riley turned into an infected monster after The Last of Us episode 7's ending, yet the subtle hints of Ellie's role in this sprinkled throughout the show are truly heartbreaking. In The Last of Us episode 4, Ellie states that shooting the Hunter was not the first time she has hurt someone before deflecting Joel's questions about this. It can be inferred that Ellie was talking about Riley, with Ellie likely being forced to shoot Riley after the latter turned, and the former discovered her The Last of Us immunity.

With the Riley hints from The Last of Us' thus far finally being paid off, the question of why this story was worth telling within the show remains. The importance links to Ellie's character arc, especially going into the finale of The Last of Us and season 2. The crux of Ellie's character arc across the series centers on her immunity and how that regularly contributes to her survivor's guilt. This guilt also causes Ellie's main fear, her fear of being alone which she described to Sam and also Joel in The


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