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"I have only read the first 2 chapters...and spent 3 hours reading it and I am now ready to start reading books in a way that I have never done before....the book was extremely easy to read...and the book is VERY well written."

"This book was very insightful. I found it extremely well annotated with excellent line illustrations. The book was written by a passionate publications Editor who made it clear that he really cared about the subject and is an authority in his field."

"I was particularly taken by Chapter 5 - Emergency Medicine and found it to be one of the clearest and most comprehensive chapters on the subject...I was impressed that the author had managed to put Mark's conditions into the context of a separate section within the chapter. But, the book should also help in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students how to manage trauma patients at all stages of their care...I found it a very entertaining book... a thought-provoking read..."

"...this book would be excellent for students and the NHS to buy and read as it has highlighted the role of nurses in the care of dental emergencies in an easy to understand way. Although much research was needed to update and review the topic..."

"....any book that provides such wide coverage and yet is written in a concise and easy to read manner should be required reading for anaesthetists and surgeons working on the acute trauma list...clearly the author had a passion for the subject and provided a very useful insight into both the emergency and surgical management of these injuries...This book is invaluable to anyone working in oral medicine and a must read for all teachers in the field." d2c66b5586


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