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Diary Of An Oxygen Thief By Anonymous [EPUB]

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Diary Of An Oxygen Thief By Anonymous [EPUB]

it's no easy task compiling a list of humorous novels, and finding ones that have a rather faint connection with frisian-friesian literature is even harder. from the first glance, the characters in diary of an oxygen thief could be described as exaggerated frisian stereotypes. that is to say, they are a sly mix of friesland-friesians and frisians-frisians. there is, of course, no need for excuses.

in his memoirs of the creation and early years of the german white rose movement, hans scholl, calling himself sophie scholl, described her love for a neighbor boy as innerhalb der gebrechlichkeit or "inner-within-the-crassness." she and her friends shared the same language, she could "feel" the boy's "inner-soul" and she began to dream of a whole new kind of classroom, a classroom where students would be given the freedom to think, speak and write about things that mattered. yet she also notes that their shared values came out in her objections to the nazi ideology and the history of their group that had led to the death of several members of the group. it was for this reason that the gestapo had broken up the white rose association and that the gestapo had accused the group of being a house of sedition.

all contemporary professions of religious faith were rated by the church through the ages, as some ancient doctors (st. augustine, st. john of damascus, & pico della mirandola), as well as a medico-jurist (st. thomas aquinas), as "pericolosissimi" (perilous) or even "catulliarissimi" (catullian) because they were viewed as posing a grave danger to the church because they sought to replace the majesty of the papacy with popular grassroots movements. 3d9ccd7d82


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