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New MatchMover 2018 Free Download =LINK=


New MatchMover 2018 Free Download =LINK=

Hi Hitfilm community, I was just wondering if the Autodesk application 'MatchMover' is still available? I only just found out about it today and saw it was free, so I rushed to download it, but was greeted with broken links to the official Autodesk website to download it. Are there any other sites or download areas in which I could download it? I think it would be a great asset to the filmmaking toolbox.

I found the correct link to download the new MatchMover 2018. To get to it, open the Autodesk application 'Drive' on your Mac. Click on 'Autodesk' and then click on 'Open Autodesk Content Library'. Navigate to 'Applications' and look for 'MatchMover'. Download the folder and it will now show up in the 'Apps' area of your Mac. (Files show up with A written on them, like 'A.rar' or '' etc.)

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