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Total War: Rome II CD-Key Generator PORTABLE

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set in 218 ad during the twilight of the roman republic and the first year of the reign of the emperor, the imperator augustus campaign pack puts players in the shoes of a man devoted to the interests of the roman state. the augur hacks into the communal voice of the roman people and takes charge. the fall of the republic is inevitable, and now rome is at war with itself.

the ever-increasing demand for manpower from the expanding empire drove rome to recruit the subject populations, most notably the allies and auxiliaries. the largest of thesewere the germanic tribes, whose expansion through the west of europe made the roman military and political life much more difficult to handle.

over a hundred years after the conquest of carthage and the death of their king hamilcar, the massyli have become the kings of numidia. during the long conflict against the sabines and etruscans, rome has gained control of southern spain and italy as a consolation prize.

massinissa is the last royal ruler of numidia who continues to uphold his tribe's interests, including the alliance with rome. in the wake of the great revolt, he will fight with rome against the rebellious tribes, and protect the interests of the massylians in the punic wars. the romans will also aid them during these conflicts, as they become larger and larger.

tiber river is the main water source of ancient rome and the most important river of its agrarian countryside. the river originates from the craterous pariacucuta in the western part of the apennine mountains and runs through the laticauda fava before it reaches the sea of tiber and the city of rome itself. besides this basic property, the river also has the capacity to overflow in times of high rainfall; it is also fed by various small rivers and springs. 3d9ccd7d82


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