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Facebook For Xoom Tablet

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Facebook For Xoom Tablet

The peer-to-peer method of sending money inside Facebook Messenger is much more convenient than what Western Union and MoneyGram offers right now. People will only have to launch the Messenger app from their phones or tablets, send a message to a friend, click the $ icon, input the amount of the money to send, and then add a Visa (V) or Mastercard debit card to complete the procedure of sending the money.

Launching today, the Xoom will be the first in a tidal wave of Android tablets set to hit the market this year. It's essentially Google's flagship device, kickstarting the category and setting a golden standard for all the high-end Honeycomb products on the way. Android engineers actually used the Xoom to test and develop the Honeycomb OS, and it's considered a "pure Google" product -- meaning you get what Google created, with no manufacturer-added skins or interfaces getting in the way.

Aside from differences in form, Honeycomb -- the operating system debuting on the Xoom -- is the first version of Android that Google actually built with tablets in mind. The software was written from the ground up in order to optimize the Android experience for larger-screen devices.

The Xoom comes with a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 2MP front-facing camera for video chat (which Honeycomb natively supports via Google's Google Talk system). The tablet records 720p HD video and supports 1080p playback. It has HDMI and USB 2.0 ports. And according to Motorola, its Android battery life can give you up to 10 hours of video playback on a single charge.

A Google vice president surprised Kansas University engineering students enrolled in an introductory programming course by handing out a new Android-based tablet computer to each of them on Monday morning.

Brian McClendon, a 1986 electrical engineering graduate from KU, and his wife, Beth Ellyn, donated $50,000 to KU to provide the Motorola Xoom tablets for the 89 students enrolled in the required Programming I class on Monday.

The students will be allowed to keep the tablets provided they receive at least a C in the introductory programming course, complete both Programming I and Programming II, and remain in the electrical engineering and computer science major.

The Xoom 2 is also a bit obsessed with wireless transfer of files. Using the MotoCast desktop app, you can stream and download files from your computer over a Wi-Fi connection, or from anywhere round the world if you leave your PC on. The installation files for this software are included on the tablet itself, showing up as a discrete 70MB drive when plugged in.

The first time your turn on your tablet, you will need to touch Activate to activate your mobile service now (if not already activated), or touch Cancel to set up a Wi-Fi connection. Click here to learn more about Wi-Fi.

About a month or so I bit the bullet and bought my first tablet, the Motorola Xoom. I was going to review it right away but decided to hold off until I got the Blackberry Playbook. Now that I've got them both, I thought I'd share my thoughts with my readers. For those of you who have either of these devices, please chime in and let me know your thoughts as well. This will be a very random, stream of consciousness type review, so pardon the erratic nature of this blog post. (Then again, if you've read any of my reviews, you're probably used to it. ;)

So what about apps This seems to be the big thing people complain about, especially in comparison to the iPad. Right now there are not a lot of tablet optimized applications. I notice this mostly with TweetDeck. TweetDeck works great when reading your tweets. When posting though you can quickly see how it's not been optimized. 90% of my Xoom's screen is taken up with a textarea that will only hold 145 characters. But I spend more time reading than writing so it isn't a big deal. I do hope that TweetDeck, and others, address this, but it certainly doesn't make the application unusable. Pe


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