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HTML 5 And JavaScript Projects


You can also publish HTML5 output of projects to Adobe Connect. For more information, see Publish projects to Adobe Connect (available only in the update for subscription and Adobe Software Assurance customers).

From Adobe Captivate 8.0.1 and above versions, you can publish projects to PhoneGap without using a stand-alone App packager application. Publishing to Devices (app) menu item is integrated in Captivate. Follow the steps below:

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In this exercise you will use the New Project wizard in the IDE to create a new HTML5 project. For this tutorial you will create a very basic HTML5 project that only has an index.html file. In the wizard you will also select some jQuery JavaScript libraries that you want to use in the project.

When you select the No Site Template option the wizard generates a basic empty NetBeans HTML5 project. If you click Finish now the project will only contain a Site Root folder and an index.html file in the Site Root folder.

The Site Template page of the wizard enables you to select from a list of popular online templates for HTML5 projects or to specify the location of a .zip archive of a site template. You can type the URL of the .zip archive or click Browse to specify a location on your local system. When you create a project based on a site template the files, libraries and the structure of the project are determined by the template.

When you choose Run the IDE opens a tab in the Chrome browser and displays the default index.html page of the application. The Browser DOM window opens in the IDE and displays the DOM tree of the page that is open in the browser.

Back in the Bower tab, search for the jquery and jqueryui JavaScript libraries. By default the libraries are created in the public_html/bower_components folder of the project. Change the .bowerrc file in your project, if you want the libraries to be installed in a different folder.

In this exercise you will add the project resources to the project and edit the index.html file to add links to the resources and add some CSS rules. You will see how a few simple CSS selectors when combined with JavaScript can significantly change how a page is displayed in a browser.

You can see that the site template will include the index.html file, the CSS style sheet, the images used in the project, though not the JavaScript libraries since Bower can be used by anyone using the template to manage the libraries. The site template can also include any configuration files and tests.

In this tutorial you have learned how to create an empty HTML5 project that uses a couple jQuery JavaScript libraries. You also learned how to install the NetBeans Connector extension for the Chrome browser and run the HTML5 project in the browser. When you edited the index.html file you saw that the IDE provides some tools that can help you to edit HTML and CSS files.

HTML5 and JavaScript Projects is fully updated as a second edition and covers important programming techniques and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features to help you build projects with images, animation, video, audio and line drawings. You'll learn how to build games, quizzes and other interactive projects; incorporate the use of the Google Maps API and localStorage; and address the challenges of Responsive Design and Accessibility.

HTML5 and JavaScript Projects shows you how to build on your basic knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript to create substantial HTML5 applications. Through the many interesting projects you can build in this book, you'll build your HTML5 skills for your future projects, and extend the core skills you may have learned with its companion book, The Essential Guide to HTML5.

HTML5 and JavaScript Projects covers the most important areas of HTML5 that you'll want to know how to program, including: video


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