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Where To Buy Lerosett

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Where To Buy Lerosett

Lerosett has been around since 1985, its from Sweden, Not America. Lerosett was tested several times professionally by Medstat research Norway thats why its not on The results of Lerosett Organic Acne Treatment was 100% effective. This does not mean that Lerosett cures acne, there is no cure for acne and most people know it. No where does Lerosett state that it cures acne and the author knows it.

I have been representing Lerosett for years. I cant believe the unmitigated nerve of this so called acne site. I know for a fact there is plenty of research on the lerosett web site, I have seen it myself at the Las Vegas skin care trade shows where Lerosett has they display every year.

I purchased lerosett for my 12 year old daughter, who suffers terribly with acne. I felt better when I found out their rating from the better business bureau. But by the second order, my daughters acne is much worse. I know different things work for different people. I just want anyone who wants to purchase lerosett to think long and hard. This product has been a disaster for my daughter. I am so sorry we tried it.

See in the US people are constantly being sold on drugs, its on TV all the time, we are programmed, its what we go to first, its automatic. Lerosett comes from Sweden where the culture is a bit different. I will make a request to the company that they have their testing results translated and posted.

I have been to every Las Vegas skin care tradeshow for 15 years its where all the experts meet. Lerosett is always talked about as a great pro option for acne specialists. The thing is if Lerosett was no good why do so many acne specialists use it why dont these experts use Proactive, or Dermify or Acnexus or all the other. I was given Lerosett for free because I joined there photo trials, its the best. But i knew I had acne not rosacea..

the author of the blog post does not slander, but merely points out issues with the claims that THE COMPANY THEMSELVES make. and they are valid issues. the reason i googled lerosett in the first place was because their website put me on guard.

Im a 29 year old female and I have had severe long term acne for all my life. I have tried millions of products but to no avail!!! I recently started using lerosett and I must say I LOVE it. I have a smooth face for the first time n my life and for someone to speak so harsh about a product they have never used is just asinine. People could possibly miss out on a chance of a life time because of this site and its BS! Now im not sayn my acne is cured but trust n believe with the results I got how can a difference be told This site should be shame for having a problem with someone because they choose to voice they opinion they way they wanted to! 59ce067264


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