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Don Allen Chop Cup Routine Pdf Creator

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Don Allen Chop Cup Routine Pdf Creator

A fairly modern development is the 'chop cup'. This cup was invented around 1954 by Al Wheatley who performed a Chinese-costumed act with the name "Chop Chop".[7] The chop cup is a variation with one cup and (apparently) one ball, hugely popular because it requires only a very small flat area to perform, unlike the considerable table space needed for the classic three-cup routine. The Chicago close-up magician Don Alan performed his streamlined chop cup routine on television.[19] and was immediately copied by magicians all over the world. Paul Daniels' routine with the chop cup has also done a lot for the routine's popularity.[20] The chop cup can be handled entirely by the top, creating a more seemingly impossible performance.

Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good The Magic of Johnny Brown. 1974 hardcover, Standridge. Inlcudes Chop Cup Climax, using a duplicate chop cup, as well as a color changing knife routine, sponges, and more.

Busby, Jeff (editor): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling. 1977 softcover, Jeff Busby. Section 3 contains Larry Jennings on the Chop Cup, a through explanation of L.J.'s famous routine. Uses two loads, handkerchief, and a shot glass, in addition to the standard chop cup set.

Colombini, Aldo: IMPACT. 1991, softcover, Hades Pub., 145 pages. Includes Cups & Knots: A cups & balls routine using a rope and knots, Pom Pom Cups, and Laser Cup: A chop cup routine using a green and white pair of "chop cup" balls, one regular red ball, a 2" multicolored ball (red, green, and white), and a cigarette and lighter.

Mentzer, Jerry: Close Up File. 1994, hardcover, Magic Methods, 195 pages. Includes a chapter on Cups and Balls Routines: Cups and Balls With Baby Chicks (Mentzer) - not just for the finale!; One Cup and Balls (Dan Tong): a single non-chop cup and balls routine; Chop Cup and Balls (Jerry Mentzer); Ultimate Cup Routine (Jerry Mentzer) - two cup and ball routine using two cups (non-chop cup), chop cup balls, and a "portable" chop cup gimmick

Sisti, Jim (editor): The Magic Menu, Years Six Through Ten. 2001, hardcover, L&L Publishing. Includes: Chop Cup Routine (Jim Artle): uses a folding dice cup and balled-up dollar. Dollar ends up inside a cigarette; The Pringles Act: A tableside presentation in three parts, including Chop Chips; Cheap Cup (Martin Lewis): how to make the chop cup and a clever routine; Show Me the Money (Tim Spinosa): a one cup and ball routine using a coffee cup and a wadded bill

Colombini, Aldo: Peter Warlock's New Pentagram Volume 10. DVD, WildColombini. Includes Giant Thimble (Lewis Ganson): A very strong and entertaining routine using a miniature chop-cup (or any chop-cup as a matter of fact), in many phases!

Jay, Joshua: Close Up, Up Close Volume 2. DVD. Includes a performance only (no explanation) of The Lampshade, Joshua's acclaimed chop cup routine to music using a lampshade and a bulb.

McCree, Shaun: Stand and Deliver. 2 DVD Set. RSVP Magic. Disc 2 Includes Chopped or Diced, an ungaffed chop cup style routine with a dice cup & dice, with a jumbo die and pool ball climax

Pinard, Andrew: The Shared Experience: The Nuts and Bolts Video. 2003, 85 minutes. Five routines: Hole-Y Grail multi-layered chop cup routine; Coins Across Redux; Static Currency floating bill; Autograph Collection bill switch application; Fifty-Two To Tango fusion of card to glass, card to forehead and card to wallet plots.

Regal, David: Premise, Power, Participation Volume 1. DVD, L&L Publishing. Includes My Best Friend (from Close-Up & Personal) - A chop cup routine with a the help of a small mouse

Various: World's Greatest Magic: The Chop Cup DVD. L&L Publishing. Seven Chop Cup approaches. Includes: David Regal's My Best Friend routine (including a toy mouse); John Mendoza Chop Cup Routine; Gary Ouellet's The Two Goblets (one chopped), with music; Danny Tong's Chop Cup routine; Steve Darci's Chop Cup routine; Larry Jennings' highly original routine, and Jim Swain's The Chop Cup.

Riser, James: James Riser is a manufacturer who has made some highly acclaimed cups & balls products in the past. I do not think he is currently making any cups. When he does, purchase usually requires an interview first! Micro Chop Cup: A small chop cup developed in cooperation with the late Dennis Loomis. Was available in copper or stainless steel, in slightly different sizes. The "full" set came with both cups, balls, routine, stainless steel flask & gimmick (for vanishing liquid), load balls, and bag and retailed at the time for $100 153554b96e


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