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[Astrology Software]- My Star World (full Ver, All Reports!!) 64 Bit

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note - some users have reported that they are getting a dialog box saying that intuit quickbooks needs to be installed. in this situation, please proceed with the step by step instructions on intuit's web site.

the latest release of the solar fire software package is now available. this update includes many exciting new features, most notably the ability to use the program to create a variety of graphical reports, including easy-to-read interpretations of the solar transit graphs (reports start at only $4.95). this amazing new tool also includes a new powerful and intuitive chart calculator, and the ability to interpret the planetary transits and positions in a much more powerful way. the program also now supports a much larger range of options and chart types than it has ever had before, and for the first time, the solar fire program is entirely multiplatform, meaning it can be used on any computer running a modern version of windows.

astrological reports: the reports are divided into three areas -- regular reports, dynamic reports, and hidden reports. for the regular reports you can have anything from your birth chart to the chart of a friend. dynamic reports are those that are specially created for you. they can be generated for any of the parts of the chart that you select. this report will show you the aspects, transits, ingresses, debacles, conjunctions, and conjuncts. dynamic reports can be generated for any or all of the parts of the chart, and for the chiron, jupiter, and neptune quadrant. hidden reports are those that you can generate for your own chart. these are the reports that you can create yourself. you can also create these reports by using the find hidden report option. in addition, each dynamic report can be generated for any of the elements (sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn), aspects, transits, ingresses, and debacles. you can generate a dynamic report for the planets, fixed signs, decanates, and houses. for the hidden reports, you can generate for any of the elements, aspects, transits, ingresses, debacles, and conjunctions. in addition, you can also generate a hidden report for the planets, fixed signs, decanates, and houses. 3d9ccd7d82


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