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to get there, you will have to fight the umbrella corporation forces at the castle in alaska and then move on to europe for a piece of the puzzle. these are the scenes that give this game its special feel, even though its an original storyline. the one thing the game does share with the resident evil series is the first-person perspective that is used in the latest game. this also makes the game a bit more comfortable than you would think it would be.

in order to survive, you will have to make some tough decisions. do you kill your companion do you let the umbrella forces go as it can be seen from the above clip, you will need to pick your own mind and learn how to fight for your life. some people say that the game is simply a simulation where you will have to use your mind to survive in a zombie-infested forest. however, the game is much more than that. you will have to put your trust in others, learn to trust and support others and use your brain to think about what you want to do to make the best possible decision. this is the first chapter in resident evil: the umbrella conspiracy.

the battle continues on the ground floor where zombies are everywhere and you have to be vigilant even when searching for ammo. the pain when you attempt to shoot them in the back is so excruciating that it's like someone stabbing you with a rusty needle. it feels fresh.

and the way you face the zombies is so lifelike, because the game is actually using a blend of motion capture and cgi. you even shoot twice before the first time we move, as it seems ethan and mia win that round of the argument and eject leon at gunpoint. the result is a more involving combat system for each of the four playable characters. leon will be fast, loud, full of gun and then slow, silent, quieter as he guns down a group of zombies. rebecca is tall, slow, silent and discreet. helena will cover her entire body from head to toe to fend off a hoard of insects, while ada will be intimidating and quiet, all at the same time, before blowing you away with her bow and arrows. 3d9ccd7d82


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