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"Glee" Lights Out(2013)


Dude, serious shout out to the follow spot operators in At The Ballet. That was some solid work. Not to mention the amazing demonstration of all the cool stuff you can do with intelligent lights. The lighting designer made the lights dance! In my opinion, Glee is at its best when it sticks to theatre.

Later on though, Sue shows up in the principal's office with a confession to make. Given Sue's background, who knows what she'll admit to (blackmailing Blaine for example), but I'm hoping she'll tell Figgins the truth about the school shooting. Or Becky will do it first since it looked like Becky was about to confess just as the lights came back on. Becky is seriously tired of being tormented by Roz, so I assume she'll do anything to get Sue back. But the question is when the truth comes out, will Figgins take Sue back After all, Sue covered up a pretty serious incident. 59ce067264


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