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How to Flash LG Optimus Black P970 with Original ROM

If you have a LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone and you want to restore it to its original factory settings, you can flash it with the official ROM. Flashing is a process of installing a new firmware on your device, which can fix some issues, improve performance, or update your system. However, flashing can also erase your data and void your warranty, so you should do it at your own risk and backup your important files before proceeding.

Here are the steps to flash your LG Optimus Black P970 with the original ROM:

Download the flashing tool SmartFlashTool_External.rar and extract it on your computer.[^1^]

Download the firmware file and unzip it. You will get two files: LGP970AT-00-V10a-SEA-XXX-APR-26-2011+0_CP.fls and LGP970AT-00-V10a-SEA-XXX-APR-26-2011+0_AP.bin.[^1^]

Open B_SmartFlashTool_Extern.exe on your computer and select Normal mode.[^2^]

Select LGP970AT-00-V10a-SEA-XXX-APR-26-2011+0_CP.fls as CP file and LGP970AT-00-V10a-SEA-XXX-APR-26-2011+0_AP.bin as AP file.[^2^]

Connect your phone to your computer in S/W Update mode. To do this, turn off your phone, plug in the USB cable while holding the Volume Up button.[^2^]

Click Start button on the flashing tool and wait for the process to complete. It may take several minutes.[^2^]

After successfully flashing, your phone will reboot and make a factory reset. Do not tick erase entire cp option.[^2^]

Enjoy your fresh LG Optimus Black P970 with the original ROM.

Note: This method will remove phone lock if you forget unlock code or pattern, but not network lock.[^2^]Flashing your LG Optimus Black P970 with the original ROM can have some benefits, such as:

Restoring your phone to its factory condition and removing any customizations, modifications, or bloatware that you may have installed.

Fixing some software issues, such as bugs, glitches, crashes, or performance problems.

Updating your phone to the latest official firmware version available from LG.

However, flashing your LG Optimus Black P970 with the original ROM can also have some risks, such as:

Erasing all your data, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, and settings. You should backup your important files before flashing.

Voiding your warranty, if your phone is still under warranty. LG may not provide any support or service for flashed devices.

Bricking your phone, if something goes wrong during the flashing process. Bricking means that your phone becomes unusable and cannot be turned on or repaired. You should follow the instructions carefully and use the correct files for your device model and region.

Therefore, you should flash your LG Optimus Black P970 with the original ROM only if you know what you are doing and you are willing to take the responsibility for the outcome. Flashing is not recommended for beginners or casual users. a474f39169


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